Reputation Monitoring

Want to know what people are saying about you on the internet? Places Scout will monitor your reputation across the top 30 review sites.

The Most Popular Sites

We monitor the top 30 review sites for all new reviews. This not only includes the major sites like Yelp, Facebook andTripAdvisor but we also have included industry specific sites for industries such as contractors, doctors and lawyers.

Reputation Snapshot

This provides you with a summary view of all the sites we are monitoring for you. Metrics from all monitored sources can be quickly viewed, such as:

Total Reviews                                  Average Review Rating

Number of New Reviews               Average Page 1 Reviews

Change in Ratings by Time           Star Distribution

Search Reviews

You can search by word, phrase or negative reviews to pin point your areas of opportunity

Powerful Filtering Capabilities

Filter your reviews by source, rating, position, page, date, and more!

Lost and Hidden Reviews

Since we store all of your reviews historically, we can find any lost reviews or reviews hidden by review sites.

Word Cloud

This innovative feature displays a visual Word Cloud of words and phrases that are used most when speaking about your monitored business based on all of your reviews.

The larger the word/phrase, the more it is being used.

Click on one and it will take you directly to all of the reviews where it is. We even bold it for you to find easier.


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