Listing Audit

Gain an understanding of how your business information appears on all of the major directories.

Easily locate sites with incorrect NAP data and allow us to help you correct it.

Business NAP Data Audit

Listing NAP Audit reports provide you with a picture of how your business’ NAP info appears in the top major listing directories, allowing you to easily identify which sites have inaccurate NAP info for your business.

Accurate business information is not only important for SEO purposes, but is also critical so that people can properly find and contact your business.


Listing Summary Metrics

Overall Listing Summary Metrics give you aggregate metrics across all listing sites monitored, including:

Total Monitored Listings
Total Accurate Listings
Total Listings with Inaccurate Data
Avg. Listing Rating
Total Listing Reviews
And more!

Business Listing Management

Listing Correction Service

If your business has inacuarate listings on the internet, let Places Scout help you fix them. 

Identify Inaccuracies

Our platform makes it easy to identify inaccurate data.

We segment each part of your NAP info and color code any incorrect information that we find.

Status Updates

Once you have submitted your corrections, you can change the status in your reports to reflect your progress. This way your clients know you are working hard for them.

Data Normalization

Places Scout’s listing analysis algorithm is smart enough to take into consideration data normalition, that is the minor differences in NAP info from thins being abbreviated i.e Street Vs. St. or N vs North


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