Rank Tracker

Monitor your local and organic search rankings and find out where your business appears in all the major search engines

Fast, accurate, and powerful reporting capabilities provide valuable insight into your search visibility with actionable ranking metrics and summary data.

Track progress over time with ranking changes and historical ranking charts

Local and Organic Rank Tracking

Track your rankings over time for all your keywords and locations on:

Track Beyond Page One

A customizable number of results to track allows you to change the number of results deep to track rankings and set up to 500 results deep so you can track your rankings beyond the first page.

Display Multiple Rankings

Places Scout displays multiple rankings for each keyword if the tracked site has various rankings for the given search query. Instead of just knowing your website's top ranking, this gives you a sense of exactly how much real estate your site occupies on the SERP page for each keyword. This feature can be turned off if you only want the first ranked result returned.

Easy Evaluating

Rankings are color-coded based on how well you rank for a straightforward visual interpretation of results.Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to understand ranking report data, and all data columns can be sorted, filtered, resized, reordered, and even more customizing tools to fit the view to your needs.

Analyze your competitor.

Places Scout displays full SERP Competitor data for each keyword, providing you with a detailed view of the SERP results page gathered for each keyword. This allows you to see who you're competing against in the SERPs for each keyword without searching it manually.

Ranking Summary Metrics

Ranking Summary Metrics provide you with an overall picture of your rankings for each search engine, including:

  1. Total Ranked Keywords
  2. Average Rank
  3. Total Keywords by Rank
  4. Top 10 Competing Websites
  5. Total Keywords that trigger local organic results
  6. And more!

Historical Ranking Charts

Historical Ranking Charts provide you with visual graphs of how your overall ranking summary metrics (average rank, total ranked keywords, etc.) have changed over time, as well as how each individual keyword's rank has changed over time. You'll be able to save your charts as an image or PDF File!

Before/After Report

Before / After report comparisons allow you to provide your client with a report of the overall change in rank between 2 ranking report run dates for each keyword, these reports help provide your client with overall progress in rankings from the start date to the current date.

Scheduled Reporting

Ranking Reports can be scheduled to run periodically, with customizable outlook-style run intervals.

Save more Time and Get the most Accurate Reporting

Time Lapse Reporting

Reports can be run multiple times, and Report Run Date selectors allow you to view past historical ranking reports for all run dates.

  •  Weekly and monthly changes in rank provided by default, as well as change in rank since the report was last run
  • Changes in rank are color-coded to identify which results have changes in rank easily.
  • Customizable ranking change time periods allow you to customize the periods for which Places Scout computes changes in rank for each keyword.

Easy Keyword Builder

Places Scout’s easy keyword builder lets you quickly generate lists of common keywords searched by users from a provided list of keywords and locations when creating ranking reports.

Keywords can also be grouped into categories, allowing you to view keyword rankings by type (like: branded, local, geo-specific, etc.)

Export Reports

Export your collected data to CSV, Excel, or PDF Files.

Full International Support

Places Scout’s Rank Tracker works in over 50+ countries using each country’s respective Google server!

Places Scout will also use an IP Address physically in the selected country to ensure the data matches exactly what a user located inside that country would see in their browser.

Multi-Location Ranking Summary Views

Places Scout’s multi-location ranking summary views provide aggregate summary metrics across multiple locations, allowing you to easily digest, summarize, and filter large amounts of data for all of your ranking reports in Places Scout.

These views make it easy to see which locations are performing well and which ones are performing poorly. Our tool allows you to make quick decisions on where your resources and efforts should be focused on, rather than viewing report data for each location.


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