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When you run a local SEO agency you need three things, above all else, to be successful.

Speed of execution

In a busy local SEO agency the phrase, “time is money”, rings more true than ever. While we offer what is easily the most powerful and robust feature set on the market, our user interface is insanely simple to use. Places Scout was developed by the “OG’s” of local SEO so our tools are packed with convenient features that allow you to quickly do exactly what you need in a single dashboard. That means you can execute for more clients in less time to increase your results while decreasing your operating costs.

Results for your clients

None of what you do matters if you can’t perform for your clients. In local SEO, the devil is in the details and Places Scout has thought of everything. Plus, we’re never not improving our product (it’s hard to improve on perfection, yet we manage to do it time and time again). The unique feature set we’ve built allows you to analyze data that no other platform provides. You can unpack all the critical data in an unmatched holistic/strategic view or get crazy granular to provide results for your clients that other SEOs can only dream of.

Accuracy of critical data

In order to perform in this fast paced and ever changing industry, you need the most accurate data and you need it fast. Places Scout provides the holy grail of data when it comes to local SEO. In fact, it’s so good that other top SEO tools come to us for their data. Plus, our proprietary data gathering system takes seconds instead of minutes which allows you to get far more done, faster than ever.

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You owe it to your agency and yourself to dig a little deeper. Explore each of our features pages to learn more about our uniquely powerful tools. If it doesn’t get you daydreaming about ways to realize dramatic improvements in the way you operate, nothing will. If it does, we highly recommend a demo with our experts. We’re a no pressure team, so we let you make the call. But we guarantee it’s worth a look.

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