GMB Radar

Daily Monitoring of Your Google My Business Page

GMB Radar Reports

  • Easily track any changes to Your Google My Business Page
  • Receive instant alerts if anything changes on your GMB Listing
  • Protect your business information from malicious community edits
  • Get detailed insight into your GMB Listing with over 70 data points available.

Automated Tracking of Changes to Your Business Data on Google

Places Scout monitors and tracks any changes to your GMB Listing, giving you an instant heads-up if something changes

Our automated change tracking solution provides instant alerts for any changes detected, saving you time and giving you peace of mind with your public business info.

Instant Detection of Malicious Edits

Will you know if someone suggested changes to your business, and the changes were approved?

What if a competitor decides to suggest that your business is closed, and the phone stops ringing?

Unless you check your GMB Listing daily, you won’t receive alerts to changes like these.Help your clients monitor and protect their business info with Places Scout’s GMB Radar Reports..

70+ Data Points Monitored

Places Scout monitors over 70 data points for your GMB Listing, ensuring every possible piece of data on your GMB Listing is being monitored.

Aside from basic business info, we track other metrics such as reviews, Q&A, posts, and more.

See our full list of data points we monitor below

Save more Time and Get the most Accurate Reporting

GMB Listing Data Points Tracked

Business Info

  • Owner Verified
  • Business Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Url
  • Primary Category
  • Secondary Categories
  • Categories Count
  • Is Permanently Closed
  • Is Service Area Business
  • Service Radius
  • Has Hours of Operation
  • Business Hours
  • Description
  • Description Length
  • Percent Profile Complete


  • Has Cover Photo
  • Has Profile Photo
  • Photo Count
  • Has Recent Photo Upload
  • Last Photo Date
  • Last Photo Date By Owner
  • Has Virtual Tour Photos
  • Video Count

Additional Attributes

  • Linked Review Sites
  • YouTube Channel Link
  • Has Reservation Button
  • Has Popular Times
  • Has Plan Your Visit
  • Menu Link
  • Reservation Url
  • Events
  • Social Media Links
  • Departments Listed

Review Metrics

  • Owner Responds To Reviews
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Average Page 1 Review Rating
  • New Reviews Past Week
  • New Reviews Past Month
  • Last Review Date
  • Last Negative Review Date
  • Average Weekly Reviews
  • Total Reviews Responded To
  • Total Reviews Responded To Past Week
  • Total Reviews Responded To Past Month
  • Last Owner Review Response Date
  • Average Review Response Time
  • Percent Reviews Responded To
  • Percent Negative Reviews Responded To
  • Percent Positive Reviews Responded To
  • Total Negative Reviews Responded To
  • Total Positive Reviews Responded To

GMB Post Metrics

  • GMB Posts Present
  • Number Of GMB Posts
  • GMB Posts Past Week
  • GMB Posts Past Month
  • Last Post Date
  • Average Weekly Posts

GMB Q&A Metrics

  • Questions Present
  • Owner Asks And Answers Questions
  • Questions And Answers Count
  • All Questions Have Answers
  • Total Answered Questions
  • Total Unanswered Questions
  • Total Question Answers
  • Total Question Answered By Owner
  • Total Question Answers By Local Guides
  • Average Gmb Answer Time
  • Average Gmb Answer Time By Owner
  • Last Question Date
  • Last Answer Date


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