How Local Brands Dominate Rankings

A single solution that allows you to rank each of your locations, faster and easier than ever. Streamline your search program to achieve greater results for more locations in less time. Simply and easily demonstrate your SEO expertise to leadership like never before Places Scout.


3 driving factors of success for SEO’s of multilocation brands

Faster insights and results

We’re proud of our robust state-of-the-art feature set; we’re even more proud of the intuitive, easy-to-use user interface we’ve implemented. The day-ones of local SEO brought Places Scout to fruition using efficient features, always available in your dashboard, so you can quickly do what you need to do. Do more without wasting time, maximize your marketing budget and knock it out of the park with your team.

Most accurate data sets

Local SEO is a constantly moving industry where the ones that have quick access to accurate data are able to edge out the competition. Here at Places Scout, we hit the jackpot when it comes to Local SEO Data. You know you have something great when the top SEO tools work with us for their data. Also, our signature gathering system gets the most accurate and relevant data to you in seconds. You’ll get more done without waiting.

Results for your brand

Local SEO demands an eye for detail, and Places Scout has eyes all around. We strive for constant improvement, going beyond goals . Our unique feature set gives you access to analyze data no other platform has. You can observe your critical data from a big picture perspective or zoom in as much as you want and get the results most SEOs don’t even know are possible. As a cherry on the top, you’ll present your data with such simplicity that leadership won’t think you’re speaking a different language.

Take a step towards the long term success of your agency today.

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