Lead Generation

Places Scout’s Leads module is a hybrid lead generator / competitive analysis tool that provides a wealth of strategic intelligence data for businesses that appear in Google searches, giving you a competitive advantage when finding new leads or analyzing your competition.

Understand Your Competition in Google for Any Niche

Give us a keyword and location, and we’ll provide you with up to 400+ points of data for all the businesses that rank in Google for the given keyword/location.

Use this data to gain a wealth of insight about your clients’ competitors and understand why these businesses are ranking in Google with important SEO data metrics.

Reverse Engineer Google's Ranking Algorithm

Places Scout’s business intelligence data provides easy identification of what is necessary to improve your rankings:
  • SERP Ranking data tells you where each business ranks in Google for the provided keyword and location
  • Google Business Profile data audits show you how complete the data is for each business (including all NAP info, owner verified, categories, description, reviews, rating, followers, photos, videos, and more)
  • On-Page Keyword Analysis data gives you a sense of how well the business’ website is optimized for the given keyword (including keyword in title, header tags, meta description, location in title, and more).
  • Full Off-Page SEO Factors allow you gauge the strength of each business’ external SEO optimization (metrics such as Backlinks, Domain Authority, and more)
  • Reviews and Rating data allow you to see how popular or unpopular each business is online
  • Social Media Metrics give you an understanding of how socially active each business is online (Facebook likes, checkins, reddit/pinterest shares, and more)
  • User Website Interaction data (bounce rate, page views, time on site, traffic, etc) provides you with information on how well the business keeps user’s on their website

Analyzing these important SEO metrics alongside each business that ranks for the provided keyword/location gives you a sense as to the reasons why each business ranks where it ranks in Google.

  • For example, you can check backlinks, Google Business Profile optimization, social activity, or any other metric for each business and correlate those data points with their rank to see what factors may influence the business’ ranking in Google.

Save more Time and Get the most Accurate Reporting

Business Intelligence Data Unleashed

With over 400 points of data items available for any business that appears in Google, you will know everything about each business, such as:

    • SERP Ranking Data
    • Full Google Business Profile Data Audits (owner verified, NAP info, reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and much more)
    • Email Addresses
    • Business Owner Name and Title
    • MajesticSEO Data – backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, EDU/GOV backlinks, citation flow, and more, and much more
    • Moz Data – Backlinks, Domain Authority, and more
    • Facebook Page Data – Likes, Check-ins, Reviews, and more
    • Reputation Data – Reviews, Ratings, Profile Data, and more on 30+ sites
  • Social Media Metrics – understand how socially active each business is
  • Website On-Page Keyword Analysis – Keyword in title, domain, header tags, description, and more
  • Mobile Website Detection – Responsive Layout Detection, and flash website detection
  • Website Technologies Detection – Understand the technologies each website uses such as WordPress, jQuery, Google Analytics, CMS, and more with support for over 200+ technologies
  • Domain WHOIS Data – returns all info about the business’ website domain
  • Adwords Data – Total Monthly Spend on Ads, Paid Clicks, Ad Rank, Total Keywords Running Ads, and more

Full Business Contact Information

Places Scout provide you with multiple methods to contact each business, including:

  • Full NAP / Website Info with Spilt Address Fields – Our extremely accurate address parsing capabilities (including full support for international addresses) allow you to view the address data split into individual parts (i.e. street address, city, state, zip), making it easy to export this data and import it into any other software
  • Business Owner Name and Title – know exactly who to ask for (aka the decision-maker) when contacting these businesses
  • Want to email businesses first? No problem, we provide emails for each business if this is your preferred method of marketing

Comprehensive Lead Data Makes Prospecting a Breeze

Advanced Lead Generation and Business Intelligence Data allows you to easily find targeted leads and handpick the best potential clients for your services

Sound Like an Expert in No Time With Our Data – Our valuable data will position you as an expert in the field, and make landing clients a breeze!

  • You will sound so much more intelligent with this data
  • You will know everything the business doesn’t currently know about its online presence
  • You will know everything about the business’ competitors that they don’t know
  • This makes the rapport and trust-building phase of the selling process extremely easy because you will sound like an expert, and businesses will trust that you know what you are doing, making it easy to gain their business

Save more Time and Get the most Accurate Reporting

Powerful Data Analysis and Filtering Capabilities

Customizable Data Filters allow you to filter out results that do not meet your requirements, leaving you with a list of targeted leads tailored to your liking

  • Sort and Filter Data on any field, with custom data filtering logic available

Pertinent data is color-coded so that you can easily identify prospects and the strength of various metrics for that business

  • Customizable grid view allows you to re-arrange the data columns in any manner you like, hide columns that you do not want to see, and group data columns together giving you full customization of exactly how you want to view the data

Need Lots of Targeted Leads?

Let us help you! Whether you need 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million+ records, Places Scout can generate as many targeted leads as you need

  • Unlike other lead generation programs, Places Scout allows you to enter the exact search query to generate leads from, giving you 100% targeted leads based on your desired niche.
  • You are not limited to selecting predefined categories or locations to generate leads from. This gives you the flexibility to gather leads from any niche and location you desire.
  • You can also enter as many targeted search queries as you’d like, allowing for lead generation without any limitations!

Take your data anywhere

Data gathered can be exported to multiple formats, including CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF


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