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Places Scout Update Version 2.8.1 Just Released!
Posted by Mark Kabana on 03 December 2014 02:02 PM

Places Scout Update Version 2.8.1 has just been released!

Included in this update is a fix for gathering Maps Results, as well as support for gathering the new local 3-Pack results and other bug fixes / improvements.

Places Scout Version 2.8.1 Release Notes

  • FIXED – Gathering Maps Results
  • NEW – Added support for parsing results from the new Google 3-Pack that appears for certain searches (restaurants, hotels, etc).
  • NOTE: These new result types are now labeled as ‘Local 3-Pack’
  • NOTE: To track Local 3-Pack Rankings, you MUST include the exact business name in the ‘Exact Business Name’ box when creating / editing a ranking report, as local 3-Pack results do not contain a website URL in the HTML of the result so we have to fall back on tracking by business name for these results.
  • FIXED – Calculating Distance from Center
  • FIXED – Properly parsing address data in some cases where only certain parts of the address are available
  • FIXED – In the Find Local Clients module, in certain cases data from a different business would be displayed for some results due to a bug where Google has an incorrect +Local page link for that result (one that points to a business that is not the current result). Logic has been added to detect this case which fixes this issue.
  • FIXED – Parsing Review Date for Google+ Reviews
  • FIXED – Proper parsing of review text when a review has an owner response for Google+
  • FIXED – Gathering Estimated Employees and Years in Business in the Find Local Clients Module
  • IMPROVED – Improved the Speed of Loading Gridview XML Data when disabling map markers


Best Regards,
Mark Kabana
Places Scout Development Team

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