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Places Scout Update Version 2.7.9 Just Released!
Posted by Mark Kabana on 18 July 2014 09:09 PM
This update fixes an issue that surfaced overnight that caused Places Scout not to gather Maps Results properly, which caused no results to come back in the Find Local Clients module and issues tracking Maps Rankings. Also included are several improvements with parsing address data and gathering additional data for results that don’t have a +Local Page link.

Places Scout Version 2.7.9 Release Notes

  • FIXED – Gathering Results from Google Maps that would cause no results to come back in the Find Local Clients Module and other issues that are now fixed in this update
  • FIXED – Gathering +Local Page link for all 7-Pack results as well as keywords that produce a single blended result in the Organic SERPs (typically when searching an exact business name)
  • FIXED – Parsing Address Data from +Local Page in some cases
  • IMPROVED - Addresses are now split properly into Street Address, City, State, and Zip in the case where there is no +Local page link for a business in the Find Local Clients module
  • NEW – Additional business data can now be gathered for results that do not have a +Local page link in the Find Local Clients module. Previously Places Scout would only gather additional business data if the result had a +Local Page Link available.
  • NEW – When a ranking report is configured to return only the first ranked result for each keyword, Places Scout will now stop unnecessarily gathering additional SERP result pages when the tracked site ranks on the current SERP page.
  • IMPROVED – Faster detection of invalid Google Location Settings
  • NEW Data Gathering Setting – ‘Block Ads When Gathering Data’ – If checked, all ads will be blocked when gathering data (default value is checked, highly recommended that you keep this setting checked unless you are having troubles gathering data).


Best Regards,
Mark Kabana
Places Scout Development Team

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