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Places Scout Update Version 2.7.8 Just Released!
Posted by Mark Kabana on 24 June 2014 08:42 PM

This critical update removes the option to gather the old 'Places' SERPs, as Google recently removed the ability to access the old Places SERPs. Since gathering Places SERPs was the default setting, many users reported that no results were coming back due to this change by Google, and this has been fixed in the update. Places SERPs are now replaced by Maps SERPs in all modules.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'Use Real Browser to Gather Data' setting must be enabled to gather Maps Results. This means that you MUST check this setting when using the Find Local Clients and Citation Finder modules, as well as the Rank Tracker module when a ranking report is configured to gather Maps Results. The only case that you can disable using the real browser is when running a ranking report where the 'Number of Maps Results to Gather' setting is set to 0.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: When searching for Maps Results for in some cases for certain keywords (ex: business names), Google will take you directly to a single result on the Map, and there will be no list of results for that keyword. We have added support to return a single result with the proper result data in these cases.

Release Notes

  • REMOVED – Option to Gather ‘Places’ SERP results from all modules, as Google is no longer providing access to the old Places SERPs. Places Scout will now gather ‘Maps’ results instead of Places SERPs for all modules.
  • FIXED – Gathering Maps Result data in the case where a keyword searched in Maps takes you directly to a single business on the Map. A single Maps Result with the proper data gathered is now returned in this case.
  • NEW FEATURE / SETTING –Ability to run a ranking report for ONLY Organic Results, allowing you to exclude gathering Maps results and rankings for the Ranking Report. You can set this up by editing a ranking report, going to the ‘Report Settings’ tab, and selecting ‘0’ for the ‘Number of Maps Results to Gather’ setting.
  • NEW FEATURE – Bulk Save to PDF button is now available in the Create Client Reports module. You can now bulk save all ranking reports to a PDF file using this new feature. Previously the bulk save was only available for saving as HTML.

Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start! Enjoy!

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