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Places Scout Update Version 2.7.7 Just Released!
Posted by Mark Kabana on 09 June 2014 06:14 PM

Places Scout Version 2.7.7 has just been released!

Included in this update are two new highly requested data items in the Find Local Clients module – the number of +Local Page Views and Followers, as well as several minor bug fixes when gathering Maps results and running reputation reports.

Places Scout Version 2.7.7 Release Notes

  • NEW – The number of +Local Page Followers and Profile Views is now available in the Find Local Clients Module!
    • You can find these values under the ‘+Local Followers’ and ‘+Local Profile Views’ columns in the grid view.
  • FIXED – Parsing the current Google Location Setting when NOT using the real browser – The issue was not changing the actual location setting, rather reading the current location setting after it was changed, and this bug did not affect users who have the ‘Use Real Browser to Gather Data’ setting checked.
  • FIXED – Properly tracking rankings for domains that end in – a bug was introduced in the last version that caused the incorrect tracking for domains that end in, and this has been fixed.
  • FIXED – Parsing the proper average rating from Yelp
  • FIXED – Gathering Reviews from the new Kudzu layout, as well as auto-populating Kudzu listing URLs.
  • FIXED – Gathering reviews from all sections on Urbanspoon and parsing review dates.
  • FIXED – Generating the proper hyperlinked keyword when clicking a ranking in the grid view of the Rank Tracker in some cases
  • FIXED – An error would occur when using the ‘Gather Additional Data for Current Results’, if any of the current results were 7-Pack results – This has been fixed.
  • FIXED – Parsing Maps Results from the old Maps layout if present – The code was updated to parse results from the new Maps layout, but the old layout is still being displayed in some cases. The code now detects which Maps layout is present, and parses the results accordingly.
  • FIXED – When gathering Maps results, if there is only 1 page of results (i.e. no next button), Places Scout would unnecessarily wait for the next button, causing a slow down in gathering results. This no longer occurs.
  • FIXED – When gathering Maps Results, in rare cases for some keywords, the ‘Maps’ link is link sometimes under the ‘More’ menu instead in the Main menu, causing Places Scout not to click this link properly and gather Maps results. This has been fixed and support has been added to check for this case and properly click the ‘Maps’ link if it is under the ‘More’ menu.
  • FIXED – When gathering Maps Results, in some cases where the keyword searched takes the browser directly to a business on the map and there is no option to list maps results for that keyword, Places Scout would not return any Maps results. This has been fixed so that Places Scout returns the single result that appears on the Map in this case.
  • FIXED – For users who have the Skype Click to Call plugin installed, phone numbers would sometimes be displayed twice (i.e. (555) 555-5555(555) 555-5555). This issue has been fixed so the phone is not displayed twice.
  • NOTE: Rank 6 is now color coded yellow instead of red in the Rank Tracker to make it consistent with the color coding of other grid views.
  • NEW – There is a now a ‘View Current License Code’ in Settings Manager for reference


Best Regards,
Mark Kabana
Places Scout Development Team

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