Using Firefox Portable Version 22 to Gather Data with Places Scout
Posted by Mark Kabana on 03 December 2013 05:39 PM

For some users, newer versions of Firefox (25+) are causing an issue where the browser freezes and causes Places Scout to lock up when gathering data. A new feature has been added to Places Scout Version 2.7.2 that allows you to use an older version of Firefox that is more stable than the newer versions.

Specifically, we recommend using Firefox Portable Version 22.0 to fix this issue, as we have tested this version extensively and it seems to be newest version of Firefox that doesn't cause any issues while gathering data.

The reason we recommend installing Firefox Portable 22.0 is because you can safely install the portable versions of Firefox without them interfering with your currently installed Firefox version. This allows you to use the Firefox Portable Version 22.0 for gathering data with Places Scout, and still keep your current most up to date version of Firefox installed on your machine for normal use.

Please follow the instructions below carefully to install Firefox Portable Version 22 alongside your existing Firefox version. You can safely install Firefox Portable Version 22 without it interfering with your current Firefox version as long as you follow the instructions below carefully.

Installing Firefox Portable Version 22

  1. Download Firefox Portable Version 22 using the below link to your computer:

    Firefox Portable Version 22 Download Link

  2. On your Computer navigate to the location that you downloaded the above and run the FirefoxPortable_22.0_English.paf.exe installation file.

  3. Click the Next button when the installer window pops up.

  4. The Destination Folder will default to the folder location where you downloaded the installation file.

    NOTE: If you would like to change the Destination Folder, click the Browse button and navigate to the new location of your choice & create a new folder named FirefoxPortable. Click the Ok button and you will see your new path in the Destination Folder textbox. (ie. C:\New Folder Path\FirefoxPortable).

    NOTE: If you get an error message stating 'The Destination folder you selected is invalid', please try installing in a folder such as your My Documents folder. Ex: C:\Users\Mark\Documents\FirefoxPortable

  5. Click the 'Install' button to install Firefox Portable 22 to the selected directory. Please keep a note of the directory you installed Firefox Portable into, as you will need to know this path later.

  6. On the 'Completing the Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition Setup' page, be sure that you DO NOT check the 'Run Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition' check box. Click Finish the complete the installation.

    NOTE: Because this is a Portable installation, you will not see this installation as an Installed Program on your computer in your Control Panel. Simply deleting the folder created from this installation uninstalls Firefox Portable.


Configuring Places Scout to use Firefox Portable Version 22

  1. Open Places Scout.

  2. Go to the Settings Module.

  3. Click the Data Gathering Tab.

  4. Under the Real Browser Settings section:

  5. Make sure that Use Real Browser to Gather Data is checked.

  6. Select Firefox as your Browser to use.

  7. Locate the 'Firefox.exe Path' setting:

  8. Click on the 'Browse…' button in the above screenshot

  9. Navigate to the folder that you installed Firefox Portable Version 22 into, and locate the 'FirefoxPortable.exe' file in this folder. Select 'FirefoxPortable.exe' click the Open button.

  10. You can now run any report per usual and Places Scout will now use Firefox Portable Version 22 to gather data, which should fix any issues with the browser freezing while gathering data.
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