How Places Scout Caches Data
Posted by Cassaundra Mason on 16 September 2013 08:40 AM
All of the data that Places Scout gathers in the Find Local Clients module is intelligently cached either in-memory or to a file on your hard disk. The only data that is not cached is the Google SERP results because these can change from run to run.


Disk Cache Location: C:\Users\[InsertUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Places Scout\cache


When gathering data Places Scout will check the cache first to see if the data has already been gathered for that business, and if so, Places Scout will pull the data from cache instead of unnecessarily gathering the same data over and over again. Places Scout will not get the same data again until that particular piece of data expires in the cache. Each data item has its own cache expiration date.


The first time that you run a search and gather the selected data, the data is saved to the cache. When you run that exact search again any existing grid data will clear and Places Scout will only gather the SERP results again and then grab all of the data that is available from the cache to re-populate the grid. It may seem as if it's starting over from scratch but it's not. You can confirm this by the speed at which the data will be gathered on subsequent runs.


Overview of How Each Specific Data Item is Cached

Data Item   Cache Policy   Expiration Data
SERP Results Not Cached  None
+Local Page Data In-memory   Cleared When Places Scout Is Closed   
Email Addresses Disk 1 month
Business Owner Name Disk 6 months
Location Centroids / Geo-Distance    Disk Never
Page Rank Disk 1 month
SEOMoz Metrics Disk 2 weeks
On-Page Keyword Analysis In-memory Cleared When Places Scout Is Closed
Citation Analysis In-memory Cleared When Places Scout Is Closed
Has Mobile Website Disk 2 weeks
Has Flash Website Disk 2 weeks
Facebook Fan Page Data Disk 2 weeks
Social Media Metrics In-memory Cleared When Places Scout Is Closed
Reputation Ratings In-memory Cleared When Places Scout Is Closed
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