I get an error loading ranking report data when opening Places Scout
Posted by Mark Kabana on 12 March 2012 11:54 AM

UPDATE: If you are running into the problem outlined in this article the first time you open Places Scout, i have fixed this problem. Please uninstall Places Scout, and download the installer again using the download link in your order confirmation email. Reinstall Places Scout using this updated installer and it should take care of the problem.


Problem: When opening Places Scout, you receive an error message stating that there was an error loading ranking report data. The error message looks like this following screenshot:



Reason: This reason for this error message is because Places Scout ran into a problem when trying to load your ranking report data. When this happens, Places Scout cannot properly read your ranking report data file to load the report the software will automatically create a backup of your ranking report data file so that you do not lose the data. The backup files for your ranking report data are saved in the location specified in the error message. The error message usually happens because something is blocking Places Scout from accessing your report data, such as your anti-virus software.


After receiving this message, you will notice when you goto the Track Local Ranking section, there will be no ranking reports because the software had a problem loading your report data.


Solution: You will need to try to restore the backup ranking report data files that were created. To do this, please first close Places Scout if it is open. Then, open Windows Explorer, and please locate the directory that Places Scout saves ranking report data to. The path you will need to locate in Windows Explorer will look like:


C:\Users\<insert windows user name>\AppData\Roaming\Places Scout

(NOTE: If you cannot find this directory, it is because you have chosen to not view hidden folders - You will need to manually enter this path into Windows Explorer - Simply click on the folder list at the top of Windows Explorer, and then you will be able to manually enter and edit the path of Windows Explorer - just copy the above path into Windows Explorer so you can view this folder).


In this folder, you will see the following files and folders:


  • reportdata.xml - This is the new empty report data file created after an error occured loading your ranking report data.
  • \Report Data folder - This is the new empty folder created to store individual runs of the ranking reports
  • reportdata_backup.xml - This is the backup file of your original report data file that was created when the error occurred loading your ranking report data.
  • \Report Data_Backup folder - This is the backup folder of your original ranking report data runs that was created when the error occurred loading your ranking report data.


To restore your backup file, you will need to first need to either delete or rename the existing reportdata.xml file and the \Report Data folder, and then rename your backup files back to the original names. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Rename the current reportdata.xml file to something like reportdata_empty.xml
  2. Rename the current \Report Data folder to something like \Report Data_empty
  3. Rename the current reportdata_backup.xml to reportdata.xml
  4. Rename the current \Report Data_Backup folder to \Report Data
  5. Open Places Scout back up, and it see if it can properly reload your ranking report data.


If you still get this error message after performing the above steps, you will need to open a support ticket and include the following files and information:


  1. Create a zip file with the backup reportdata_backup.xml file and backup Report Data_Backup folder that were created - attach this to the ticket.
  2. Check to see if there is an error log created. If so, please attach this file to the support ticket as well. If an error log as created, it will be saved in the following location:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Places Scout\Logs\ErrorLog.txt


Send us this information with your support ticket and we will investigate what is causing the problem and provide you with further information on how to fix this issue.


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