Can Places Scout's Rank Tracker be used to track keywords without locations (i.e. a soley organic rank tracker)?
Posted by Mark Kabana on 21 February 2012 05:22 PM
Although the rank tracker was designed to track rankings for keywords with a geo-modifier, it is possible to use it as an organic rank tracker for raw keywords without locations.

To do this, enter your raw keywords in the keywords box. For the ‘Enter locations’ box, leave it blank. For the ‘Enter Emulated Locations’ box, enter in the zip code where you are located.

What the software will do is change your location to the zip code entered, and then it will run all your raw keywords through the rank tracker. This is pretty much the same as searching for the keywords themselves without the appended geo-modifier, all it will do is first change the location in the browser to the zip code you entered. Which is the same as if you did a search in your browser as Google will geo-code you to the location you are at anyways.
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