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Why does a keyword have multiple / duplicate resuts in the rank tracker report?
Posted by Mark Kabana on 21 February 2012 04:40 PM

OBSERVATION: In the rank tracker results grid view, you may notice that a keyword is listed more than once in the results, with different rank values for that keyword.


REASON: This is actually a new feature implemented in Version 2.2.2 of Places Scout. This new feature allows the rank tracker to return multiple results per keyword if your site has multiple rankings in the SERPs. This is what you are seeing. This powerful new feature that allows you to track all of your SERP rankings and not just the top result.


NOTE: If you only want to track the first result as the previous versions did, if you edit the ranking report, there is now a checkbox at the top ‘Use Legacy Rank Tracking Code’ that you can check, and it will use the old code that only returned the top result.

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