HOW TO: Import Google Adwords Traffic Data and Perform Mass Domain Availability Analysis
Posted by Mark Kabana on 21 February 2012 04:29 PM

NOTE: These instructions may seem a little long, however, once you get the hang of how to do this, it takes literally less than 30 seconds to perform these steps.

Perform the Following Steps to Import Adwords Traffic Data into Places Scout:

  1. Enter Seed Keywords, and Generate Keywords.
  2. Click the 'Actions' button, and choose 'Copy to Clipboard' to copy all generated keywords to the clipboard.
  3. Open up the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool in your browser (link:
  4. Log in to your Google Adwords account if not already logged in.
  5. Click on the "Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups" section
  6. Paste keywords into the 'Option 1: Enter Keywords' box.
  7. Click the 'Get Search Volume' button to get traffic data for the generated keywords.
    • NOTE: Please choose only one match type.
  8. On the next page, click the 'Keyword Ideas' tab
  9. Above the results in the upper right corner, there is a 'Download' button. Click the 'Download' button. A window will appear asking for the download format.
  10. For the format option, choose 'Excel CSV', and click download. Save the CSV file somewhere you can find it for the next step.
    • NOTE: This file contains all the traffic data for the generated keywords.
  11. Next, we will import this CSV file into Places Scout. Go back to Places Scout.
  12. In the upper left corner of the Grid in the Keyword Generator section, to the left of the 'Keyword Count' label, there is a button with a checkmark on it that is the Gridview Options button.
  13. Click this button, and choose 'Import Adwords Traffic Data…'

    (NOTE: You can also import Adwords traffic data in the Rank Tracker, if you click on the 'More...' button beneath the list of ranking reports, and choose the 'Load AdWords Traffic Data... option)

  14. In the window that appears, click the 'Browse' button and locate the CSV file you downloaded in Step 10.
  15. The keyword traffic data will appear in the Preview panel. Click 'Finish Import' in the lower right corner to continue.
    • The imported keywords with the traffic data will appear in the Keyword Generator grid.

Checking Domain Availability
Lastly, if you are using the Keyword Generator Module and would like to check domain availability for the imported keywords, click on the 'Actions' button, and click on the 'Check Domain Availability' option to check Domain Availability for all keywords. Choose what domain extensions you want to check, and the Domain Availability results will appear in as a new column in the grid. You can use this data to determine which high traffic keywords have exact match domains available.

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